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About StressAndEros

StressAndEros is written by Erik Roeder M.D. After graduating as an M.D. from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark I passed the American Medical Qualification Examination of The Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates and served an internship at Trinity Lutheran Hospital, Kansas City, Mo., USA. After my return to Denmark I studied psychology at the University of Copenhagen for two years, while completing specialist training in psychiatry at the same time. I have worked as a chief psychiatrist and practising psychiatrist (using psychotherapy) but am now retired. I have written articles for Danish and international journals on psychiatric and social psychiatric issues and have lectured in psychiatry at the University of Copenhagen.

I have being using a stress model to identify psychological factors, problems, and illnesses for many years. This was eventually extended with a model for positive feelings into StressLogosEros.
Finally, I have supplemented the model with some of the details others have written about the same subjects.

Special thanks to psychologist, Mirjam Capelle, for proofreading the sections that discuss the StressLogosEros model.

The Internet edition of StressAndEros was published in 2004 and subsequently revised and updated - latest in 2011.
It has been produced by Jakob Röder.
Thanks also to Jakob for several improvements to the text and important suggestions regarding the final model.

Thanks to Peter Ulrik Roeder (MA) for revitalising the logos concept for me.

And finally, thanks to my wife Inger Roeder for proofreading and typing the manuscript.

The StressAndEros material may be freely used as long as the source is clearly indicated.

This website was translated into English by Gavin Weakley:


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