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Body state

In the StressLogosEros model, body state refers to the experienced state. Only you know what you are feeling in your body, and you can use this knowledge to improve your well-being. Bodily sensations can be uncomfortable and comfortable, strong and weak. It is good for you to be aware of your body's signals and know something about what they mean.
The sensations will most likely be a sign of your emotional state, e.g. stress, but can also be symptoms of illness. If you misinterpret stress symptoms and believe that you are sick, this can lead to anxiety which can further increase the sensations, etc., in a vicious circle.
Knowledge about physical stress symptoms is therefore valuable. Conversely, it is also good to be aware of and know something about comfortable sensations and relaxation, so that you can sense what is healthy for your body.
You can read more about these factors under the four states in the StressLogosEros model.

It is good to be aware of bodily balances such as tiredness/vitality, hunger/satisfaction and exercise/rest, and take them into account in your daily routine: for example, be aware of lifestyle illnesses such as burnout, obesity and heart disease.

A common symptom of illness is pain. This is something you feel in your body, but it is not an emotion. Pain is a localised, uncomfortable sensation, which can vary in strength from a light discomfort to a very painful experience.
Pain is the result of stimulation of sensory nerves, usually due to injury or illness.
However, there is an interplay between pain and stress. Long-term stress states involving muscle tension, for example in the neck, shoulders and back, can lead to localised pain. Conversely, all kinds of pain above a certain intensity will be a stress factor that triggers anxiety and frustration, which can in turn worsen the pain experience.
The word pain is also used as an expression for stress feelings, e.g. a painful experience, but this has nothing to do with pain as a sensory perception.

Body state:

Interaction with the environment