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Using the model

The easiest way to become familiar with the model is to follow the navigation menu in the top section of each page:
The StressLogosEros model, Cognition, Emotion, Body State, Interaction with the Environment, and then the four states. At the bottom of each main page there is a link to the next main page. The text on each page contains links to related sub-pages which you can read when you want greater detail.
The Site Map provides an overview of all the pages on the site.

The site contains some psychological tests, and provides links to others. It might be a good idea to try them out when you come across them the first time. Then you can come back again later, after you have tried to reduce your stress for a period of time, and see whether there is a difference in your test results.

How to use the model

StressAndEros contains information about psychological factors, and you can focus on the things that are useful to you.
If you have grasped the idea behind the model, you can use it right away.
For example, you could use it to become aware of what state you are in now: What thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations do you have at the moment?
It is often useful to be aware of what state your environment is in.

You can also ask yourself what state you have been in recently, and whether there is something you could have done to improve your well-being.
You can use some of the tools described in your own way.
You can also use the model to become more aware of the connection between your feelings and thoughts. For example, if you are in a bad mood, it colours all your thoughts, making them negative, even though this is neither realistic nor necessary. If necessary, go on to look at how you can manage your problems.

Work with yourself using your own model

You can use the model as inspiration to describe and construct your own model which matches your states and your environment. You can print out a model template for this purpose. You can choose your own colour symbols. You can give your own names to the various states, in general, or in special situations (e.g. in relation to a particular person).
You can describe your worst stress state, and how you can use your LogosStress state for coping.
How are your two eros states, and how can they be made to fill more of your life?
What do you really want, and how can you achieve it?
You can develop some strategies to achieve your goals.